Recommended daily dosage Alpamin®, WINTER and SUMMER

Dear alpaca- or llamabreeder, dear user of Alpamin®

A recent study of older lactating alpaca females, shows that supplementing with Alpamin® is sufficient to keep the Vitamin D level in the blood serum of these animals at a good level, even in the darkest months of the year.
However, in a small percentage of the studied alpacas, the Vitamin D – blood level comes close to the lower limit of the reference range. Therefore, we have decided to make a distinction between a winter and a summer dose for the recommended daily dose of Alpamin®. The use of these daily doses is very safe, and brings out the best in the animals, even during the short winter days.
Alpamin® recommended daily dosage:
Adult alpaca SUMMER                                       75 grams
Adult alpaca WINTER                                         100 grams
Cria 6-12 months SUMMER-WINTER          50 grams 

During the winter, also be sure to inject your crias 3 times with Vitamin D3, 2,000 IU/kg!

The terms ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ vary according to the geographical location and therefore the climate. E.g., the period of using of the winter dose in Finland will be much longer than in Italy.

Thijs Flahou
Vet. Thijs Flahou, DVM
Veterinarian for alpacas
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